Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cosplay Against Censorship

Rarely do I find the need to voice my opinion in certain regards but one thing came up.  On Facebook, I follow the photography blog of the excellent photographer Adam Jay.  I dig his style because he photographs excellent people in cosplay designs.  Recently with the help of some creative individuals he did a Venom photoshoot with cosplay model Freddie Nova.

You can find his work here:

and a sample of those great photos are here.  Head to his website for the full set

My favorites are the ones where she is pulling off the Symbiote, struggling to free herself from the creature's grasp.  Adam Jay and his friends outdid themselves on this way.  The Venom photoshoot is just the tip of the iceberg to his creative powers.  Head over to his website and check him out, don't forget to like his page on facebook.!/superherophotography

Now recently they had come into a bit of controversy for one of the images of the photoshoot was banned off facebook.  It was this one.

Now of course, you're asking yourself why?  what's wrong with it?

Offensive? No
Artistic Creative Genius? YES

So, please, allow Adam Jay the creative freedom he has so richly earned.  And just in case for those that need it.

THIS . . . .

IS NOT THIS . . . .

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