Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dragon Con 2012

I had been looking forward to it all summer.  Once we got our tickets, me and my brother were ready.

This Dragon Con would be filled with ups and downs.  The ups came from hanging out with my new friend Danny and the cool Marvel and DC comics photoshoots.  Meeting a bunch of great people along the way.  The downs came from the crowds, the lack of air, the heat, and the fact we were stuck at a hotel in Midtown.  Taking the marta every day wasn't bad.  It was walking from the hotel to the station every day.  I lost 4 pounds from the sweat alone!

OH, well.  I still had fun, from all the costumes to my adventure with Jodi and Camberly.

So, me and my brother got our tickets and headed off to Dragon Con . . . .  .

ANDDDD . . We're lost! :)

I don't know where we wound up but pretty fancy neighborhood.  thankfully the GPS got us back on track.


I don't recall it being this crowded last year


Sam Hane

Planet of the Apes

Red Skull

The Dude Fairies

Mara Jade

Danger Girl

Like . . . Flynn Abides, man

Leeloo from Fifth Element


Scarecrow and Batman


The Awesome Dalek

Barbarian Queen

Game of Thrones


You're trying to take photos and your surrounding by several thousand people.

THIS WAS BOUND to happen :)

This Poor Girl

I'm sure she was just posing up there.  However, she was receiving a lot of boos and stuff from the girls below.  I think they were under the impression she was "flaunting" it.

Damn, it's Crowded!

The Netherworld Beasts

Chicks with Guns

It wouldn't be dragon con if we didn't have girls with guns


oh my god, that is twisted.


That's amazing

Bounty Hunter, I believe

Female and Male Loki

Be on the lookout

THERE ARE A LOT of female lokis this year

Another video Game character

It's Chained

WHY is it chained???

did someone RIDE their steampunk bike to the Con?

The Human Muppets

very clever

Lollipop Chainsaw

Oh, my . . . .

Animae Angel

The Gillian Anderson Line

This is the line to get to have Gillian Anderson's autograph.

I love her but I don't love her that much

The Viper

well done.

Sadly, I had to ask before I caught it

Female Loki and Candy Girl

Two Kitties

Black Cat and Catwoman

Video Game Mix


there were people joking that with a different staff, he'd be Moses :)

Antonina Stark

Interesting Mix of Heroes

I recognize Sub Zero and He-Man.

I don't recognize the other two :)

Avengers Snipe

Crowds were huge.  You had to follow others to get pictures of the costumes

War Machine and Iron Man

female versions :)


Awesome Dalek

My only regret is not getting my picture taken with him


Mass Effect

truly excellent design