Friday, July 19, 2013

First Batch of photos from the San Diego Comic Con

No, I'm not there but I will go there one day.  I'm taking all these photos off of IMDB.  Because once the Comic-Con is over, these photos will be buried so deep, we may not see them again till next year.  Plus, I've made friends in the Cosplay community.  They deserve to have their photos easily accessible.

This is the first batch.  More to come.

The White Orc

Has anybody noticed that?  He's got skinned faces as a loincloth.  UGH! That sick orc son of a bitch! LOL

Man of Legos

I wish I had the time to build these all day :)

Hailee Steinfeld and Asa Butterfield

Actors from the Enders Game.  Comic-Con may be the only place she could get away with that shirt.

Raven Roth and Princess Mentality

always good to see cosplay professionals.

An Armed Fairy

Well . . . .this is California :)

Courtesy of IMDB

Big Girl Captain America

You go, girl.  Be comfortable in your own skin

Courtesy of IMDB

Are you my mommy?

I'm told this is a Dr. Who reference.

Courtesy of IMDB


Not sure but still looks cool

Courtesy of IMDB

The Black Sails display

Pirates are returning to mainstream.  If only we could do the same with Ninjas . . . . .

Courtesy of IMDB

The Walking Dead

Totally jealous.  I would love to get my picture taken from that tower

Phoenix Emma Frost

nicely done

Courtesy of IMDB


Not too shabby

Courtesy of IMDB

Cool Stormtrooper

Courtesy of IMDB

Silver Samurai

It's official. he's a robot


Hell yeah!

Photo courtesy of IMDB

Victorian Era

Photo courtesy of IMDB

Who is this?

It's excellently crafted but what is the character?

Bilbo Baggins

Very creative

Photo courtesy of IMDB

Galactus Is Nigh?

these sign guys kill me

Photo courtesy of IMDB

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dragon Con 2005

Sorry for the long delay but I'm not going to bore you with those details of why I've been away since 2012.  Anyway, here we are getting back to posting con pictures.  Not to mention I got prep-work I got to get ready for in 2013.

So, courtesy of my friend David K.  and a few other photographers who made their images available through the Dragon Con site, here is pictures from Dragon Con 2005.



Kid Ash

doesn't make him any less dangerous

Courtesy of

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold

Again, these two were my favorites.  That's why I sought out more photos of them.

Courtesy of


Courtesy of


Courtesy of

Leeloo Dallas Multipass

Courtesy of


Courtesy of

The Parade

Definitely much easier back in those days

photographer unknown

Great Costumes All Around

Digging It

I just don't know the context here

photographer unknown

Stormtrooper Gathering

Photographer unknown

The War Hammer Guys

Not bad for back in the day

Cat Girl

The animae kind

Jason Voorhees

I must admit the yellow hockey mask is an interesting touch

One's a War Hammer dude, I know that much

The Jedi

Can't walk anywhere in Dragon Con without running into any of them :)

Lord of The Rings

I miss these guys