Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dragon Con 2013

Wow what a crazy time it's been.  Thanks to all who've stopped by to check out these photos.  Feel free to download whatever photos you like.  If you share them, please reference this website for me.  It's just so others can find their way back.  I don't do this for recognition, I do it for the sake of the cosplay community.  It's my part in giving something back to them. 

Take care and have fun


Golden Age Batwoman

Babe Sabien and Hell Girl

Wow, cloudy Friday morning

The Kingpin and Powergirl

Yeah, the Kingpin's the only one who could walk with that kinda class

Wait, that's not Green Lantern's weapon!


Stargirl and Powergirl

Justice Society of America

Attack Pose

Stoic Pose

Superman Arrived

Proving Super Heroes have fun

Epic Profile

Flash to the second power

Superman and Golden Age Atom

Atom doesn't have the strength

Green Lantern's Cape flew off in the window

and Superman decided to see how it would look on him

The Flash and Golden Age Green Lantern

Powergirl and Superman


One of the best, I might add

Black Canary


Bioshock Infinite

I love his destroyed head on a pike.  Awesome!

Batman and Blue Beetle

Eternity and Kismet


not bad actually

Getting Ready for the big meetup

The Heroic Walk

call me a geek, I don't care but this was my favorite moments