Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dragon Con 2003 --- First Batch of Photos

Hey, guys

Welcome to Cosplay Champions.  Sorry if the title is lame but that's all I could think of to call it.  Regardless, welcome to the first batch of photos from the Convention Circuit.  It's become a hobby of ours; taking photos of the cool people in costumes and showcasing them for our friends.

The reason I created this blog site was simply because I have a grouping of friends who are not on Facebook and STILL enjoy the photos taken at these conventions.  The other reason is my blog site where I normally post them, I'm re-focusing that purely on my art so I needed a place to house my upcoming Dragon Con photos.  Then it occurred to me.

Why not create a CENTRALIZED data base for all the photos?

So here we have Cosplay Champions.  In the upcoming weeks, months, probably years, I'll be posting my photos and the photos given to me by my friends.  On that note, special thanks to Dave K. allowing me to post the first batch of photos.

If you see a photo that doesn't have the proper credit, please comment on it.  I'll get it updated.

If you see a photo where you know the person involved and you want them to have the credit, comment on it.  I'll give them the credit.  There is no ego trips here.

If you see a photo and want it TAKEN DOWN, please tell me.  AGAIN, this is just for the enjoyment of me and my friends and whoever stumbles on this website.  I do not want to step on the toes of anybody here.

Thank you and enjoy


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